Saturday, December 10, 2011

I just turned 13 weeks pregnant today with numero 2. And last night for the first time I felt it kick. I really thought there was no way I could be just as excited as I was with Joel but I was wrong. We went to my first scan 2 days ago and watching little baby dancing in there was the cutest thing ever. I really am just as excited. And also just as paranoid. I've already had several dreams where I've managed to accidently drink half a bottle of alcohol before remembering I'm pregnant and then go into a mad panic. Phew. Not enjoying that.
We have really struggled to agree on any names, even worse than last time. Yesterday I found a girl's name that I am officially in love with. We are not going to tell anyone this time. I almost didn't want to tell James. I found an equally lovely name a few weeks ago and made the mistake of sharing it with some family members, who laughed at it. :( And honestly, it wasn't a weird, new age hippie name or anything. I loved it because it was very classy sounding and I even liked the shortened name to use while she was little. Oh well, it's gone now. No going back. But I love, love, love this new one, which is a lot less common than the first so for sure not a sole will hear of it. This all might not even matter cause we still don't know the sex. But if it's a boy, I'm sensing a long a bloody fight ahead cause I just haven't found a single one I like, except for the single one I like that James , of course, hates. Oh well.

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  1. It makes no difference what anyone else thinks of the name. This is your child you and you only know what the name should be. When you meet the child for the first time you will know for sure. No one else opinion counts. They can possibly know until they see the child and have a face to put to the name. Then it will all be oaky. Unitl then they are only judging the name, not he little person connected to it....Mom