Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joel Update 18 weeks

Today Joel rolled over for the first time. It was absolutely adorable. He did it by lifting his butt high into the air and grabbing his feet then falling onto his side. SO CUTE. Then he just shimmied around til he made it to his tummy.
Also last night I tried giving him a bit of baby cereal again and he did such a good job of eating it. Well after reading quite a bit about weaning I didn't actually expect any of it to make it into his mouth let alone get swallowed so I was all the more impressed when he ate it. It was ridiculously messy as I expected it would be but he actually managed to keep a few bites down. But of course as he'll tell you it's just not as much fun as spewing it everywhere.

Also here are some picture of our house for those you back in the good ole U S of A that might like to see it.